Urban Models vs. Video Vixens – Which Category Do You Fall In?

Are Video Vixen’s considered to be a trend?

Exactly what is the appeal of Video Vixens? Could it be their sexy bodies or maybe the rich and powerful men who seem to lose their minds as soon as they see one? Rock ‘n roll artists were associated with models in the 80’s and these models were all married to men in the business.

In the present day, it’s the rappers that happen to be dating the Vixens, but are not necessarily marrying them. Rappers seem to take models far more seriously and some have even been married. When watching music videos, it

Appears that some of these rappers make a mockery out of Vixens and pass them all around to their friends when they’re done with them. Many of these women don’t appear to care or actually be bothered by it considering that they’re tweeting a lot and posting pictures on Instagram exposing themselves.

Take your pick

Video Vixens have become associated with women of the night. Video Vixens find a way to “push the envelope“, while models are known to create an illusion. Video Vixens bear everything while models leave something to the imagination. A large number of Video Vixens can be what is considered “thick”, while a large number of Models are slimmer in statue.

In case you are on the thicker side you can be confident because now is the time to model. Do not ever sell yourself out simply to break into the modeling industry. The industry is searching for real women and I apologize, but women having inflated body parts are not the idea. If you happen to fit this category, get in touch with a few urban modeling agencies and find out about becoming an urban model.  You will find more opportunities readily available then you realize.

I would recommend that you go against the grain. Stand out or you are going to basically look like everyone else. No matter if you decide to work as a Video Vixen or get into modeling, you have to be yourself. Avoid planning on instant gratification and consider the influence that your decision may have on your life in the future.

Society is forgiving however you strive to be best-known as the chick from the video (of course they won’t remember which video it was). If you happen to have true talent outside of possessing a stunning figure, it may be worth it to look into a modeling career, what have you got to lose?

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