Underwear Modeling Jobs – Information for Independent Professionals


A lot of people with a rock solid body have thought about becoming an underwear-modeling-jobsunderwear model. you may have worked hard to sculpt your muscles and even believe that it’s time to put your hard work to use. starting a career as an underwear model is an excellent way to use your physical attributes to make a living in addition to create a portfolio.

Underwear modeling is mainly targeted towards selling certain brands of underwear to people. since this type of modeling requires the model to wear nothing but the undergarments that they are promoting, it goes without saying that folks that want to enter this distinct field should have no qualms with regards to wearing nothing more than boxer shorts, briefs, or skimpy lingerie while in front of an audience during a fashion show or perhaps at the time of a photo shoot for fashion magazines, publications or posters.

The requirements of an underwear model are very similar to any runway model. Female models really should be between 18 and 24 years old. They need to possess an hourglass figure, since there will be quite a bit of skin on display. The minimum height with regard to runway models is approximately 5’8″, and the typical weight for a model is 108 to 125 lbs.

The prerequisites are strict, as the underwear model must look appealing while showcasing the merchandise both on the runway and also in front of the camera; and underwear looks really attractive on a lean figure. There can be exceptions to the rule, needless to say but, generally speaking, the closer an underwear model is to the industry guideline, the better their chances are at landing more modeling jobs.

Male underwear models usually are 6′ to 6′ 2″ tall. Different from other commercial models that seem to not have any height, weight, or size restrictions, male underwear models must be physically fit since their bodies are on full display while they are modeling underwear. This can be the primary modeling category, as commercial models appear in billboards, magazines, and advertisements. In recent times, not only models are cast for underwear modeling gigs however, athletes are being utilized as underwear models more frequently as well, this can be a very competitive market.

Promotional underwear modeling varies from being hired to offer samples of goods to staffing trade show booths. This is usually a category that seldom involves being photographed and is much more about an attractive person’s ability to interact with people and influence them to purchase the product.

With that being said, not everyone possesses the aptitude to become an underwear model regardless if he or she has a perfect figure. It is more desirable for men and women who are confident as well as comfortable with their bodies and have no qualms about modeling their physiques while in front of sizeable audiences.


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