Tween Models – Now is the Time to Get in!

Does your son or daughter want to become a Tween Model (a teenage model?)

Regardless of the stereotypes, entering the modeling industry requires a lot more than beauty. Being a tween model takes commitment, brains and determination. First of you should realize how difficult it is for you child to become a top tween model in this competitive industry. Millions chase the fantasy only a few really live it out.

Lots of people succeed as models and revel in an exciting career!

You will find a number of different types and amounts of modeling for your teen, and when your expectations are realistic, you don’t need to feel frustrated.

The first factor you need to do is take a look at your teen, be truthful and find out in which modeling field he or she would do best in, would it be TV, advertisements, clothes, etc.?

Take a look at tween models in gossip columns and clothing ads and find out the way your teen measures up.

Some Steps to Beginning a Tween Modeling Career:

Step 1: Do your research concerning the modeling industry so that you can be familiar with the way the industry works, there are rip-offs modeling agencies out there.

Step 2: Develop a portfolio for your teen, don’t spend 100s of dollars in regards to this, rather hire a professional photographer for test shoots, get involved with modeling shows, or volunteer for your teen to model for any college photo classes. Collect all of the photos you receive and set a minimum of ten good shots right into an attractive portfolio binder, you will now have something to exhibit to agencies and clients. The greater photo shoots your teen has, the greater experience they will receive.

Keep in mind the modeling agencies very competitive and there’ll always be somebody that is taller, more attractive as well as in better shape than your teen, so keep an optimistic attitude, learn to cope with being rejected. Keep in mind you can’t purchase a tween modeling career so beware of people that will sell you the dream with costly portfolios, photo shoots and unnecessary tween modeling classes.

It’s apparent that you’re determined to get your teen into modeling since you read this far which is a great sign. Bear in mind it’s all about your teen’s attitude, knowing their role and exposing your teen to the right people.

Remember that not one person can tell you they are an authority across the modeling industry; it’s far too dynamic therefore many people might have different fields or views.

So have fun with your hopes of your child becoming a tween model.

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