Am I too Old to Become a Model?


  • Are you bored with your present career or even retired?older-models
  • Are you Self-employed and looking for additional income?
  • Are you just looking to having a little fun?

You don’t need to be a specific age to become a model.

Advertisers identify that individuals cannot connect with a 20 year old, 5’10” model promoting joint disease medication.

Most older men and ladies don’t even consider getting into the modeling industry at this age. Many believe they are too old to ever consider a modeling career since they have workded all of their lives in different  professions. The over-40 age group has less competitors than other areas of modeling, and the possibilities will keep growing.

Modeling often will pay very well. I know one 40+ model that got a modeling job paying $3,500 for the day promoting a female item. Models can generate anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per day. Not bad.

Models over 40 can be seen in TV advertisements, billboard ads, online catalogs, hair commercials, as well as displaying as Spokesmodels.

Most individuals fall into the Professional Print classification. Also called Lifestyle, Character or Commercial models, can be any age, any size and any dimension. The appropriate wide range of looks consist of healthy to unique to obese and hairless.

When you see an ad illustrating a physician, instructor, agent, etc. these are Professional Print models. Agencies that use Professional models sell cleaning products, medication, food and other items that individuals use on an daily foundation. These firms use models rather than individuals off the street for their level of reliability.

Professional models can also be seen on item literary works, business catalogues and just about every kind of promotion that does not include style.

Just like a fine wine, Traditional style models are “women of a certain age”.

Also known as Sophisticated, the specifications are similar to that of young style models, but somewhat less limited. These females are generally size 2 to 8, and 5’6″ to 5’11”. Traditional models are eye-catching and fit with awesome skin and teeth, and wide range from pretty to unique.

Over 40 Male Fashion models are 5′ 11″ – 6′ 2″ and wear a size 40 to 42 Long fit. Men should be ripped to in-shape. Far too muscle do not effectively fit the outfits. Clear skin and good teeth are required. There is a wide range of looks needed for these types of male modeling jobs.  A guy’s style modeling profession often lasts longer than a ladies.

Be incredibly proud of your adulthood. Don’t try to look too young, and never feel like you need to outfit like a youngster. Mature models can do the same kind of modeling as their young counterparts.

Have you ever felt like you’re too old to model? If so, share your thoughts about how you overcame this feeling.




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