Tiny Models – A Sign of Things to Come


tiny-modelsExactly what is a tiny (or petite) model, in reality?

When many people think about the expression “tiny” they are most likely thinking of a small element, maybe a 5 foot person.

Well, tiny within the modeling world is somewhat different, because of the fact that the “average height” model is close to 6 feet tall. Tiny models are often 5’2″ to 5’7″.

In the past, there wasn’t too much interest in tiny models when it came to the fashion industry. A person whose physical structure was not that of someone who is 6ft tall and in what many designers considered the ‘norm’ thought it was hard to buy clothes in their proportions.

In the past, many shorter people had to consider shopping around the children’s departments of big fashion retailers and most of the bigger labels were absolutely not available for shorter individuals.

Things are finally changing in today’s modern society; it is all about serving all people. Almost everything could be customized, from your cell-phone cover to your laptop covers, and garments are not overlooked. Not only is the wide variety of sizes available expanding, but each size is often available so that you can buy in different types, including ‘petite sizes’.

The brands need tiny models to advertise these new dimensions, in order to promote them, make more product sales and broaden the market.

So there is certainly more demand than ever before for tiny models, but don’t allow that to mislead you into believing it will be simple to get a modeling job as a tiny model. On the contrary, it’s more challenging to be able to get into this field than regular modeling as there’s far more levels of competition.

If you want to enter tiny modeling, it’s a wise idea to begin finding out about which modeling agencies you will find in your area that manage tiny models. These might be bigger modeling agencies which may have a petite division, or they might be specialist in regards to tiny modeling agencies.

No matter which, they are going to require you to send over a couple of pictures, often a head-shot along with a full-length photograph, but check their recommendations for submitting and make certain you follow them very carefully.

Be truthful with regards to your figures whenever you send them in, if you are lucky enough to get be asked to come in for a modeling job interview, they’ll weight and measure you and you will have to have your shoes off!

You shouldn’t be disappointed if you do not get hired immediately, it is a very competitive industry and many people get declined in the beginning, you could be the next Isobella Jade!

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