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Top Models: Plus Size Edition


Diversity isn’t the only thing that’s slowing creeping on high fashion runways and magazine spreads. Plus-size models have made a name for themselves in the industry, forcing designers to tailor their clothing to fit the growing demand.

Check out this list of plus-sized models who paved the wave for larger ladies to be comfortable in front of the camera.  Read the rest of this story here.

Plus Size Modeling – Get Your Feet Wet!

Now is the time for girls and women who’re size 14 -16 to pursue a plus size modeling career.

The fashion industry has caught onto the marketplace demands of the need for stylish, trendy, fashionable clothing for larger size ladies who constitute the majority of the American population.

Many designers now have a plus size clothing line for retailers to niche shops.

Quite a few modeling agencies now also provide plus size models on the modeling boards from junior plus to classic.

What exactly is needed for plus size modeling?

  • Plus size models could possibly be between the proportions of 12 – 18 some could be sized 10 based on needs of a particular agency.
  • Plus size models should have excellent legs, a fine classic, modern look.
  • Plus size models must carry themselves well (as should any type of model) and understand how to work themselves for camera angles.
  • Plus size models should be comfortable in their own personal style, to ensure that it reveals on film.
  • 5′ 4″ for petite plus size modeling
  • 5′ 8″ and above for normal plus size modeling
  • 5′ 9″ and above for top fashion plus size modeling
  • A plus size model should be between the sizes of 10 to 20/22 for runway plus size modeling
  • A plus size model should be between the sizes of 12 to 18 for print plus size modeling


How you can submit photos to agencies for plus size modeling?

After you have your modeling portfolio together you will want to find agencies to fully handle your modeling jobs. You’ll find a list of modeling agencies for every state here on Modeling Jobs HQ or perhaps in the phone book if you reside inside a large metro area. Some agencies accept unrequested photos while some hold casting calls.

A quick call or email to the agency provides you with these details. Should you send photos to the agency make sure to include your name, telephone number and measurements on the rear of your photos. Don’t send the originals since agencies usually don’t return photos. Check out the agency websites for a fast overview of how to be represented for plus size modeling jobs.

If you aspire to get into plus size modeling, get your portfolio together and try it out. You might end up being the next face of Lane Bryant, if you’re able to bring high energy to your modeling jobs and enjoy yourself!

Plus Model Magazine is geared towards plus size modeling, check it out!



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