Modeling Jobs Maine

Regardless of the hype and glamour from the fashion industry locating the right modeling jobs in Maine can be challenging.

In fact, modeling could be boring and tedious occasionally. When you are beginning your modeling career, prepare for rejection and be prepared to be struggling psychologically. If you’re only modeling just for fun, you will have to dedicate time and funds to transform it into a permanent job. 1000’s of individuals envision becoming successful models, not understanding the market is very competing.

How to start modeling and looking for modeling jobs in Maine

Begin by developing a modeling collection or portfolio, that is basically a selection of your very best photographs. The photos must be different to show that can perform a number of poses, feelings, shots and styles. A typical modeling portfolio photo is 9×12 and also must contain a minimum of ten to twelve photographs.

The main one factor to keep in mind when designing a portfolio for modeling jobs is the quality of your shots. You need to show the very best that you can do in a couple of pictures.

These can be used through the modeling agency to promote you. A new comp card, also called a ZED as well as composite card, is a vital method to leave a lasting first impact.

This can be your company or business card. You will need to make this yourself, much like your portfolio, and steer clear of letting the modeling agency help to make choice for you. You may wish to explore other modeling agencies in Maine before joining up with one. Much like your portfolio, quality is important. You’d require a good head shot along with a nice layout. Make use of materials that may withstand folding, twisting and ripping.

Approaching a modeling agency to represent you


The simplest and the best way to get signed into modeling agency in Maine would be to pay a visit to them. Give them a call and place a scheduled appointment or simply walk in and submit the necessary paperwork. They’re usually always searching for new models and also have auditions each week.

Be sure to check out the Modeling Jobs HQ section of Modeling Jobs Recommended Resources!


Here is a list of modeling jobs and modeling agencies in Maine:


Port City Models & Talent, Inc.  – Website

PO Box 6820

Portland, Maine 04103

[email protected]



Bieller Models/Talent & Productions

622 Congress Street, Suite 102

Portland, ME 04101-3359


Portland Models & Talent, LLC Website

Print, Voice, Video, Multimedia

P.O. Box 4727

Portland, Maine 04112-4727

Phone: 207.741.2850

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