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4 Executive Things Every Parent of a Young Model Should Know


young-model-adviceIf you happen to be the parent of a young model, then there may be every possibility that you are dreaming about a profession in modeling for your kid. What you may not be aware of is that the work should begin immediately, regardless of the age of your son or daughter.

Lots of people will tell you that if you want your son or daughter to do well in young modeling, you have to live in either the big apple or Los Angeles. Even though this isn’t the case, it is evident that there is certainly more work found in the major cities.

If your child can develop a resume along with connections in New York or L.A., it can help when they are looking to become a young model.

1. Have an Excellent Resume

This is something which it is possible to start working on immediately. Your son or daughter’s resume will develop as they do modeling jobs. You are going to in the long run want these types of jobs to be strongly related a future modeling career. It is of course never too early for your child to make it in the modeling industry. For now, your child should be performing in local kid contests or modeling gigs in-between which are relevant. When models are considered for modeling jobs, the vital thing that is considered will be their resume. This is the 1st step. When you get step one right, you then move onto step two – go sees.

2. Be Talented

So many people assume an individual either “has it” or they don’t. This is simply not the fact. What often makes a great young model, truth be told, is the love for one’s craft, and continual practice.

If your kid arrives in New York having spent their young modeling career in front of a camera, they will possibly be really good at what they do. This will likely put them in an excellent position.

3 . Get to Know People

There’s a very widely recognized phrase, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know”. In actuality, there is a great deal of fact in those words. In the event you arrive new to New York, knowing where to begin can be challenging. Yet, when you develop a network of contacts for your child throughout their career, you might already know the right people when your child really wants to boost their aspirations.

For that reason while you are working on your child’s young modeling career, be sure you are networking and getting to know lots of the right people. You never fully grasp much this might benefit them down the road.

4. Always be Persistent

Even most thriving child models are fully aware of being rejected, and will probably know that most of the time, it’s a numbers game. The mentality that every rejection just brings you more close to the next paying modeling job.

Without doubt, “making it” in the modeling world is one heck of a challenging gig. But if your son or daughter is persistent and has talent, it is possible.

Whatever the age of your son or daughter, they can be working on the way to a future young modeling career at this time. In aiming to such things, sense of balance should always be taken into consideration.

There is certainly every possibility that your kid might not achieve the level that they dream to, and you have to make sure that their ambitions are viewed with a realistic look at heart. That being said, nothing is gained simply by hoping something happens, you have to make it happen. Be sure to check out our up-to-date modeling jobs for young boy models here and young girl models here.


Dog Models – 4 Ways to Determine If Your Dog Has What it Takes


dog-modelsIsn’t it time for a new breed of supermodels? No, they will not have lengthy legs or soft smooth skin. They will not have the most fascinating eyes and slim figures. They’re furry, affectionate, not to mention, having wagging tails and tongues, they can even come down the runway having an attitude: they are your own personal dogs who model.

As increasing numbers of corporations and designers are heading their target audience from humans to furry pets, it’s not going to be long before we come across dog supermodels. They’ll be the next Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss; together with a little effort and hard work, in addition to designer clothing and accessories, they will shortly be all set to do walk the “dog-walk”.

Easy methods to Discover If Your Dog Has What it takes to get into Dog Modeling and Join a Dog Modeling Agency

Does your dog understand it can take to be the next top dog model? That’s doubtful, and maybe you don’t either. Even so, you have some more time to ensure that in the next canine fashion show, most likely in New York or even in Paris, you’ll both be ready to go join in the enjoyment and the glamorous life within the modeling world.

1. Does your dog have confidence? No, getting that stranger out of our home does not amount to  self-esteem. Your dog has to be capable of overcoming shyness and learn how to stroll with pride, with long or short dog’s fur, regardless of what their color might be.

2. Does your dog have a welcoming attitude? Remember that your dog will not only be meeting other animals but other people at the same time. It is rather essential that your dog is always well mannered and mannerly all the time. Remove the god or goddess mentality. The modeling world is already demanding enough that coordinators and even fashion designers don’t have time and energy to tolerate dogs with unhealthy behavior. If you feel that your dog requires polishing in this category, try and take them to a doggie day care or perhaps to the bow wow camp.

3. Is your dog fit? You should not be expecting them to have a 36-24-36 body shape, yet at the very least, you would not see the bellies drooping as a result of a lot of Scooby snacks. On top of that, if your dog is in bad shape, they are at risk of developing serious health issues, like heart attack and weight problems, that will only hinder them from becoming a dog model down the road. When they’re not fit and healthy, make sure that they get a healthy diet and they get the physical exercise he or she needs.

4. Can your canine friend strike a pose? When your dog is on stage, absolutely nothing else matters but the manner he or she struts and the way he or she makes the turns together with eye contact.  Your dog will need to have a powerful impression not just to the audience but, above all, to fashion designers and professional photographers who are in search of their very own dog models.

Last but not least, before your dog dares to take the first step on the runway, make sure that he or she is nicely groomed. You can find stylists you can hire for these very important events. Who knows, your dog may land their first dog modeling contract with Calvin Klein!

One last thing, you can check out a few dog modeling agencies here!


Do I Need a Modeling Agency or a Modeling Placement Agency?


modeling-agency-modeling-placement-agencyIn the wonderful world of modeling there are several options that aspiring models surely have when getting into the modeling industry. There is the typical modeling agency as well as the model placement agency options to select from.

So now before you decide to dash off out there and make a fast decision let’s take a look at a few of the primary advantages of both services.

To start with, the modeling placement agency, their primary purpose is to provide a new and aspiring model all of the resources she or he would need to submit themselves to modeling jobs and casting calls. The main objective of the placement agency is actually around the promotional materials for example ınternet sites, modeling comp cards, business cards, search engine optimization, etc.  Their objective will be to provide you with a media presence and when this is done, submit your information to potential clients.

You don’t have to already be a model to partner with a placement agency. One of the largest distinctions is they have modeling jobs for models such as nail models, hair models and so forth. This varies from a modeling agency since they concentrate more on modeling training.

Now that we have mentioned some great benefits of the modeling placement agency, let’s take a take a look at the more common type of modeling agency. The main focus here will likely be on helping you with runway, posing and model walking. This is where you want to prepare and learn the actual modeling industry. In case you have never modeled previously and you’re interested in becoming a runway model, then more than likely this is the best choice for you personally. You will have expert instructors to educate you on the inner workings of the industry.

A typical modeling agency will even provide you with a practice runway using mirrors to master your walk and poses.

This can be a great advantage in case you have never posed before. However you should know with a modeling agency you will not have the media presence or promotional materials in house. This can be outsourced for an additional fee.

Unsurprisingly both of these solutions are actually helpful however both are very different. As a result based on where you want to go with your career, choose your service knowledgably. If you have some working experience then the common modeling agency may not be for you. However if you have never trained you may want to take advantage of the traditional modeling agency to master the fundamentals.

If you understand the basic principles and want a media presence and wish to submit yourself for modeling jobs, then the modeling placement agency is actually something you should think about plus the price of the promotional materials is usually more affordable than a modeling agency.


5 Characteristics of a Successful Model


Like any other endeavor in life there are characteristics of each human being that either allow successful-model-modeling jobsthem to pursue a modeling career or not. So what then, are the common characteristics of a successful model?

1: Appearance

Both appearance and talent have one thing in common; they are largely God-given. God, your parents, and genetics gave you a striking face or a handsome figure. Of course, your gift should be honed and practiced. Great athletes have a gift, too. But none of these gifts are valuable without the hard work to perfect them. The more skills you can “bring to the table,” the better.

2: Personality

Having a warm and outgoing personality can make or break a career. If you are beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside, you will not succeed. Beautiful models are in abundance in major markets. What separates those who work from those who do not? A special “sparkle” and a warm personality will get you noticed and booked. In addition, if you are fun, non-complaining, and easy to work with on a job (including mom), your chances of getting re-booked are high.

3: Intelligence

If you are a great student, that achievement usually means that you do your homework, go to class regularly, have discipline, and get along with your teachers. To an agent, they want to know, if you are booked on a modeling job that you will be dependable, show up on time, be prepared, and get along with your employers. Good students make good models. If you are an under-achiever, work harder. The myth of the “empty headed model” is a myth indeed.

4: Family Support

How much does your family want you to become a model? Do they care enough to understand the business with you? If you are a teen, will a parent or guardian travel with you to out-of-town interviews and jobs? This commitment is strongly recommended.

5: Desire

How much do you want to be a model? How strong is your desire and determination? Desire is the only attribute of success that you cannot do without. Desire, alone, is the largest determinant of your ultimate success. Lauren Hutton had a space between her teeth; Cindy Crawford had a mole on her face. If they had not had the desire and determination to keep trying, they would not have succeeded.

What’s characteristics have helped you become successful in your modeling career?

Drop us a line and share your thoughts!

The Truth About Conventions and Model Searches


model-searchConventions can be the safest, most time effective, cost effective, educational, inspirational, and family oriented way to see meet many reputable agents, managers and casting directors from all over the world in one place at one time.

However, many types of modeling conventions exist and not all are reputable or honest.

Check out their history, reputation, success stories, and the quantity and quality of the agencies attending. Study their web sites. Find out what the agencies and participants think about the event.

Don’t confuse the cost of a convention with its quality. Some times they put a high price tag on it because the unsuspecting prospective model may think that because it is so expensive that it is good.

Pick the convention that offers what you really need, either information, training, or actual contacts with legitimate agents and representatives.

Assess the costs to you. If you have to spend a lot of money in travel to attend, it may not really be worth it to you. If it’s close or even local, then it may be a good idea.

You should assess what you can gain from attending a convention versus what you can gain by doing your own research and approaching agencies on your own. The most significant benefit to any convention is the ability of prospective models to reach a large number of agents in one place, at one time, and when they are definitely in the “new talent” mode.

In the 1980’s traveling model searches began sweeping the United States and other countries. These companies were largely out of New York and traveled around the country selling mini-conventions directly to the public. These events did not include any training.

Many are now out-of-business, such as Model Search America, NYC Fame, Manhattan Model Search, and New York Model Contracts. Certainly, new events may emerge.

They are categorized by “big talk,” “hard sales,” and heartless tactics. Worst of all, they leave many hopeful models feeling worse about themselves, rather than educated and uplifted. Many searches disparage local modeling schools or agencies and every other type of event or representation, except their own.

Can this type of event help you?

Again, check them out as outlined above (history, reputation, success stories, testimonials, and the Better Business Bureau. etc.). Follow your “gut feeling,” and remember that this is only an introduction to the industry.

Some “agencies” will travel selling pictures and composite cards. They will then offer to represent you as an agent. No reputable agency does this. It is a scam. You are paying an inflated price for photos and will soon learn that this agency on your comp cards is not a real agency at all. Don’t waste your money and your trust

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