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Fashion Show Themes – Getting the Right Concept


fashion-show-themesAre you an aspiring fashion designer looking for ideas for a fashion show theme? If you have designed your very own clothing line, and you want people to see it, but you, you don’t have enough networking connections to put on a professional-level fashion show, it is up to you to come up with some creative and thrifty way to showcase your designs.

Hosting your own amateur fashion show is a great way for a new designer to gain exposure. Firstly, you have to draw up a budget for your show. Even if you not have a lot of money to spend, you still have to figure out how to wisely spend the little money that you have for achieving optimal results.

An excellent first step is to try a few sponsors. If you’re a fashion design student and your parents graciously helping you with your tuition, they might be in a good position to sponsor your fashion show as well. Sponsors can donate things like a venue in lieu of money. It all ends up helping the project.

Before the fashion show theme can be decided upon, the designer has to decide on the kind of collection he wants and then create an initial portfolio. Designers get inspired by anything and most of them weave the designs and patterns in their clothes around a single theme; for example, symmetric patterns with earth colors for an autumn collection.

Whether the collection featured is going to be ready to Wear or Haute Couture also needs to be finalized. Once the collection is ready, the next decision to make is the where to feature the collection and when.

Location is of utmost importance, halls or stadiums which offer the latest in lighting and other facilities give creators the freedom to plan a great theme. For instance, chandeliers and other fancy lighting can help spice up a room immensely.

The theme often sets the tone for the collection and for the evening as well. What’s a fashion show without music? The genre of music played can help bring out the best in the collection.  Those who can afford it, even hire live singers or DJ’s. Needless to say, the music changes with the mood of the collection and also for the intended clientele.

Deciding on the models is next. Of late, a lot of designers venture to create fashion with “real women” in mind, and so, models that aren’t a size zero are quite common. Make-up artists and hairstylists work tirelessly to create a new look or hairstyle to match the clothes and style quotient.

The guest list is important as well. After all, no designer wants to miss out inviting his best clients to his show. That’s where the media comes in too. The more media coverage, the better the exposure will be to the designer and the collection.  The front row is where you are most likely to see fashion editors and other style experts.

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Michelle Obama Fashion – 5 Timeless Style Tips


GLCVCV01A07Y70Michelle Obama has been compared to the beautiful Jackie Kennedy, particularly when considering her manner fashion. Michelle Obama dons sophisticated suits, basic elegant jewelry as well as carries herself having elegant and also quiet loveliness. Modeling your own personal attire after Michelle Obama will assure that you are at all times perfectly dressed regardless of the function.

Chances are, you are aware that Michelle Obama can easily unveil an unheard of fashion designer to global triumph. The fact that she can easily trigger internet websites to lock up as a result of sought after demand associated with what she has been recently spotted wearing.

In the fall season 2012 shows, Michelle Obama’s individual style had been featured all around runways. Regardless of whether it was deliberate or not, numerous designers coming from the many major fashion capitals appeared to have the first lady’s style picks on their creativity boards whenever they had been developing their collections.

Now, the fact that items has landed in department stores everywhere, it is very tough for you to reject the actual impact from the first lady relating to the season’s most popular styles. You can actually view it within the utilization of vibrant, radiant colors blended in such surprising flourishes. The incredibly wild collection of designs and styles really are timeless. Michelle-Obama-Fashion-3

Michelle Obama fashion and her impact can be found inside many of the cardigans that are seen today and in the elongated slacks through broad, full hip and legs. It is at the same time there within the designs associated with white shirts from a variety of fashion labels. These shirts are from traditional, easy styles to beautiful styles. This style is often paired together with pencil skirts or perhaps putting them on underneath those cardigans.



The Style Principles of Michelle Obama Fashion:Michelle-Obama-Fashion-1

1. Substitute your coat or blazer for a cardigan sweater. Michelle Obama’s fitted, elegant style in these always keep her away from appearing outdated.

2. You should be daring. White and black are okay, however the First Lady truly glows when she’s dressed in any vibrant jewel shade.

3. Do not hesitate to reveal your arms. Do not be reluctant to wear sleaveless tops.

4. Use a variety of different patterns. Don’t be put off by flowery designs or perhaps graphical shapes.

5. Choose dresses together with belted waists and also banded waistbands, this assists Michelle separate her lengthy physique.

Kim Kardashian Fashion – Make it Fit Into Your Budget


Kim Kardashian and her family happen to be in every type of advertising campaign that you can possibly imagine these days. You switch across the TV and you will see Kim Kardashian and her family. They’ve literally mastered the entire world. Kim Kardashian certainly has a unique fashion sense which involves dressing and looking great all year long!

Kim Kardashian, is without a doubt a diva as well as a sex icon together with her exotic look and diva disposition. Kim Kardashian’s fashion consists of designer gowns, shoes and boots, precious jewelry and handbags. She appreciates her sexy feminine curves and dresses in accordance with it. She’s very comfortable in her own skin makes certain that the entire world knows how fascinating and sexy she is.

For any red carpet event, Kim Kardashian’s fashion shines in beautiful evening gowns and over the knee dresses to exhibit her beautifully shaped and tan legs. Kim loves stylish diamond jewelry and earrings.

Kim is seen donning amazing high heel shoes whether or not they are Louboutin or D&G.. Black attire and heels really are a must with Kim Kardashain’s fashion wardrobe design and style. Should you take a look at her photos from the internet, you will see that she loves putting on black pumps. Fashion for Kim Kardashian is really a day and evening job. She more often than not appears like she spends quite a bit of time in the salon.

Kim’s make-up is dramatic as you would expect she wears smokey brown or black eye shadow, numerous amounts of mascara and quite often fake eye lashes. Her lips are attractive but she wears light shades to enhance her eyes and keep it classy.

Incredibly enough, Kim Kardashian’s fashion sense is just that…fashion. she is yet a sexy business woman as well. She runs a real business of her clothing line, a reality show, endorsed hundreds of brands together with her family.

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