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5 Characteristics of a Successful Model


Like any other endeavor in life there are characteristics of each human being that either allow successful-model-modeling jobsthem to pursue a modeling career or not. So what then, are the common characteristics of a successful model?

1: Appearance

Both appearance and talent have one thing in common; they are largely God-given. God, your parents, and genetics gave you a striking face or a handsome figure. Of course, your gift should be honed and practiced. Great athletes have a gift, too. But none of these gifts are valuable without the hard work to perfect them. The more skills you can “bring to the table,” the better.

2: Personality

Having a warm and outgoing personality can make or break a career. If you are beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside, you will not succeed. Beautiful models are in abundance in major markets. What separates those who work from those who do not? A special “sparkle” and a warm personality will get you noticed and booked. In addition, if you are fun, non-complaining, and easy to work with on a job (including mom), your chances of getting re-booked are high.

3: Intelligence

If you are a great student, that achievement usually means that you do your homework, go to class regularly, have discipline, and get along with your teachers. To an agent, they want to know, if you are booked on a modeling job that you will be dependable, show up on time, be prepared, and get along with your employers. Good students make good models. If you are an under-achiever, work harder. The myth of the “empty headed model” is a myth indeed.

4: Family Support

How much does your family want you to become a model? Do they care enough to understand the business with you? If you are a teen, will a parent or guardian travel with you to out-of-town interviews and jobs? This commitment is strongly recommended.

5: Desire

How much do you want to be a model? How strong is your desire and determination? Desire is the only attribute of success that you cannot do without. Desire, alone, is the largest determinant of your ultimate success. Lauren Hutton had a space between her teeth; Cindy Crawford had a mole on her face. If they had not had the desire and determination to keep trying, they would not have succeeded.

What’s characteristics have helped you become successful in your modeling career?

Drop us a line and share your thoughts!

How to Be a Model


If you’ve ever wanted to become a model, you might have experienced the actual difficulty that comes with how-to-be-a-modelattempting to live out that wish. The modeling industry appears to be so filled with opportunity for people from all backgrounds however gaining notoriety becomes challenging.

The disappointment that is included with these unfulfilled dreams has led many people to become a victim to scams which are created specifically for that person who would like to be a model. The perpetrators associated with these kinds of cons offer you fame and fortune only to take your hard earned money.

But the truth is you do not need to fall for these scams when you learn the tips for how to become a model without paying a dime to these “so called agencies”.

The very first thing you have to do is to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and choose the type of modeling that you feel would be a good fit for you. 

Not every model has to be skinny or have a muscular body since there are so many other types of modeling. If you have beautiful hair, why not consider becoming a model in this division?

The second step is to take plenty of photographs with that particular strength in mind.

Despite the fact that these are generally best done by way of professional photographers, getting assistance from a family member or friend will help you obtain a small number of samples to use.

When learning how to be a model, it is imperative that you make an effort to market yourself. There are lots of options from this point of view but this is where being cautious comes in. A large number of reputable modeling agencies only require you to upload a photo free of charge on to the actual profile created with them.

Whenever any sort of agency or particular person offers to help you to be a model in exchange for money, take the time to research and be sure they are legitimate.

An extremely important advantage for one who wants to be a model is determination. This is what helps you to keep going back to modeling agencies that have accepted your profile or modeling portfolio; pursuing their particular interest. From time to time, this can be the type of hard work that will get rewarded.

Find out the requirements that various agencies have in terms of unveiling fresh talent. Some agencies feature an open call session occasionally by which newbies present themselves and showcase their modeling talent before agents and judges. Take full advantage of these kinds of options available and you might go from wanting to know how to be a model and get a chance to be a model sooner than you expect it.

Would You Like to Become a Hand Model?

  • Have you considered becoming a hand model?hand-models
  • Do you have long, slender fingers with manicured cuticles and nice fingernails?
  • Are your fingers free of blemishes?

If so, there’s a good chance that you could become a hand model.

There are a few things that you need to do in your preparation to becoming a hand model:

Do not pay for expensive professional photos just yet. Ask a friend or family member to take pictures of your hands while you are in a relaxed environment. To get concepts for your pictures, look online at hand modeling images and try to replicate what those models are doing. Don’t worry about the lighting, background, etc.

Once you have acquired a few photos that you like in a range of hand positions, check out reputable modeling agencies in your state. You can look here on Modeling Jobs HQ to locate these specific agencies. Even if the agency does not have a body parts modeling department within their agency, they may still be inclined to represent a hand model if they feel that it’s possible to book hand modeling jobs for you. This situation might even be to your benefit if you become the agency’s “exceptional” hand model so be sure to contact agencies in your area.

If an agency wants to represent you, at this time it is proper for the model to purchase professional snap shots and sign a contract. Having said that, it is highly important that your agency is trustworthy because some agencies might have you pay for professional pictures in order to make money off you by selling them.

If you feel comfortable promoting yourself as a hand model, you might be able to get around signing with an agency altogether. Currently, there is a rising craze for hand models to create their own professional websites with pictures of their hands for potential clients. Hand models may market themselves as well by adding their information and pictures to popular model search internet sites, so that they can be contacted by prospective employers.

The advantage to marketing yourself as a model on the internet is that the hand model does not have to wait for jobs to come through their specific agency. They are exposed to many types of modeling jobs over a wider area of clients.

However, if you don’t have any experience in hand modeling, it is recommended that you first seek out an agency to see if they truly do have possibilities for hand modeling jobs, even if you decide to represent yourself online. This is because agencies have a more polished view of what makes up employable hands in the existing industry, and agents may have a more essential or encouraging view of your potential.

Kids Modeling – Constructive Advice On Your Child’s Career


A kids modeling career could have quite a number of advantages. Not only is it lucrative, it also builds kids-modelingyour child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Children also have a variety of modeling job options ranging from print to commercials and possibly even runway. There are no limits but where do you start when your child wants to get into modeling?

The first thing you should get is pictures of your child. Your best option would be to go to a professional photographer. They won’t just take pictures that will make your child look natural, but they will also be of high quality. A professional photographer will be a bit expensive! For the parents who cannot afford to pay for a professional photographer, you could opt to take the pictures on your own.

Ensure you do this with a good quality digital camera as the pictures need to be clear and focused. Try to get shots of your child’s natural smile as modeling agents can spot a fake smile.

Your next step would be to look for kids modeling agencies in your area. The bigger the town you live in, the chances you will find more modeling agencies. Make sure you do some research on all prospective modeling agencies. A modeling agency should not charge you for them to sign up your child; this typically means that they are an unscrupulous agency. Find out what careers they have launched and look through their model base. Big agencies may be well known but smaller agencies may give your child more personalized attention. You should decide on what would work better for your child.

While you are waiting to be notified about auditions by the modeling agencies, you could also scour opportunities for your child on your own. Visit local malls and find out if they need child models for their kids’ clothing department. This may not be what your child had in mind, but it will give them some form of experience. You may also come across casting calls for children in the newspapers or online.

If your child is cast for a photo-shoot through these auditions, you should not be expected to pay the modeling agency a commission. This is because they did not get the opportunity to you all other gigs that are contracted by the modeling agency will require you pay them their stipulated commission.

Always accompany your child during auditions.

Go sees are whereby your child will be expected to meet with the client that has contacted the modeling agency. There are like mini auditions that are done in person at the client’s office

Your attendance will make your child less nervous. Additionally, it would not really damage their self-esteem if you were there with them.

You will additionally need to help remind your child that the kid’s modeling business can be quite a challenging path. You will need to continue to be determined to be able to keep their mood up.



3 Brutally Honest Ways to Start Your Modeling Career


There is not one way to start a successful modeling career. Unlike most professions that has a set course of instructional starting-your-modeling-careerlearning, experience, and testing to follow, modeling doesn’t offer a clear path to success.

The Three Most Popular Ways to Get Started in Modeling are:

  1. Being Discovered
  2. Working with and through a Modeling Agency
  3. Putting together Your Own Marketing Plan and Find Modeling Jobs for Yourself


There is a school of thought that says that if a prospective model goes to a major international modeling schools (New York, Paris, London, Milan, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Tokyo, Toronto, Germany, Los Angeles, and Brazil etc.) and if after a month of just being there are not approached or scouted by an agency, then you don’t have what it takes.

There are literally thousands of successful models that were stopped on the street or approached in a restaurant, or walking down the street etc., by model talent scouts (the legitimate variety). It happens often and regularly. One shouldn’t depend on it however.

With the second and third approach you need to have the right materials to get work. The basics are snap shots, a composite card (sometimes called a Zed card), portfolio or book, maybe even a presence on the web and most important (usually) how you look.

You can start with simple snap shots, as long as they are shot correctly. (See How To Find an Agency in Your State).

The composite card is a single sheet of paper that has a head shot printed on one side and more photos and your vital statistics on the back.

This is your basic marketing tool. You give it to photographers, art directors, casting agents and others. This gives them something they can put in their files and refer to when looking for talent. It is your sales brochure and business card all in one and it is hard to get far without it.

After someone shows interest in you, they are going to want to see more photos of you. This is where your “portfolio or “book” becomes your sales tool. Your portfolio contains an assortment of photos and tear sheets showing what you have done and your “look”.

They all, of course, must be of excellent quality. When you’re starting out its likely you won’t have any tear sheets (pages from magazines or newspapers with your photos) as you haven’t worked yet. As you do get work, add tear sheets to show you have done actual jobs.

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