Smaller Market Models for On Demand Modeling Jobs


promotional-modelsSmaller Market models play an active role in driving the customer interest in the particular brand, strategy and business by exclusively connecting with the audience. The arrival of promotional smaller models in the marketing sector has certainly outsmarted the standard industry strategies of advertising and has now made it easier to reach to more consumers with less financial investment.

Product Demonstration Modeling

In smaller markets this is a great way to start new models. Models stand in front of, or in a store or mall, and hand out free samples of something. The idea is they want someone attractive that people will be drawn to and will work for just a few hours or a few days. If you are young and starting out this pays better than any regular job and it can really build your confidence around people.

Trade Show Modeling

Attractive people attract attention, which is highly desired on a trade show floor. Some exhibitors hire models to hand out literature at their booths, or perform other social tasks, such as greeting, or serving appetizers. It can provide some income and gets the model in front of the public.

Sports/Fitness Modeling

This is a growing area in modeling jobs. With major international sports attire companies, i.e. Nike, Reebok, etc., and an increase in publications in this field the need for models that look like they actually know what they are doing has grown. The idea is to look good and actually be proficient at the activity being photographed. This is one category that can provide a long-term career with ample opportunities for high paying jobs.

Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling is modeling for photos with a sexual theme. Some are now calling this body modeling (like you have a hot body). These could be simple cheesecake or beefcake photos. They can include bikini, sexy outfits, and lingerie modeling. On the cheesecake level, photos can be used for calendars, posters, and other pin-up girl products.

You can’t pick up a car magazine without seeing a babe by the car or truck. There are no height or size requirements as in fashion modeling.

Where fashion modeling wants you to look like a beanstalk, glamour modeling wants you to have curves like Pamela Anderson. Where fashion may want a special beauty look, glamour modeling wants traditional drop dead gorgeous; where fashion really only happens in the fashion capitals of the world, glamour happen anywhere.

Alternative Modeling

There is a small market for what is called either gothic or punk modeling. It is a very specialized niche.

Just a Body

This is where a photographer just needs someone in the shot. Most often this type of modeling occurs in outdoor tourist photography, i.e. a couple looking at the lake, a man walking a trail etc. There are no requirements at all, except maybe for the willingness of the model.


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