Safety Should Be Your #1 Concern in Modeling


The field of modeling is a wide and unique one, together with completely different areas safety-in-modeling-jobssurfacing constantly. Similar to many other lines of business, there are lots of con artists in this particular industry and if you’re a female model, you need to be extra mindful in working with any modeling agency or company that has a website and guarantees instant success.

Pre-session preparations

  • Always inquire to check out some of the photographers work.
  • Uncover everything you possibly can concerning the photographer/studio ahead of time (ask for personal references from other photographers you actually trust as well as or models he/she has worked with).
  • If your photographer is reluctant to provide out simple details such as his/her full name, address, work references, etc., this is a big red flag!
  • If this is your very first time working with the photographer, you may want to ask if you could bring a friend. If the photographer asks that your friend wait in another room during the shoot, this ought to be acceptable. Many reputable photographers will not likely object on condition that your friend does not get in the way of the shoot or slow down the process.
  • Models are generally completely informed ahead of any session regarding the nature, level and use of their images. In turn, the model can be expected to complete a standard release form.
  • In the event that an overnight stay is expected, secure and safe accommodations should be guaranteed and if there will be a re-imbursement of expenses. Evidence of these plans need to be confirmed before a model begins traveling.
  • When cash payment for modeling is used, the model needs to be compensated fully on the day of modeling.
  • Any kind of arranged deposit / travel monies must be paid in advance of the model traveling.
  • A minimum session length really should be decided by each party in advance.


Session standards

  • In a studio setting, a separate and private area or room needs to be provided for model changing.
  • In a location setting, the model shouldn’t be expected to change clothing inside an area causing her / him distress or awkwardness.
  • Certainly no session should last longer than 4 hours with an hour break for food. A quick break really should be given about every 2 hours.


Primary Modeling Tips to Live By:

  • If it is too good to be true, then it most likely is.
  • Use caution with anyone who promises they are able to make you a top-model right away. Bogus modeling agencies will tell you what you want to hear: for instance “you are just what we are looking for” so you join and pay excessive or unnecessary fees.
  • Question any sort of promises you will be given modeling jobs without delay. Question the agency and be on your guard of anyone who are unable to or will not offer clear advice.
  • Highly regarded modeling agencies can confirm that the modeling industry is extremely difficult to get into and only a very little amount of people have got what it takes to achieve success. Plenty of good-looking and talented men and women find it hard to get adequate work.
  • Watch out for companies that scout you on the street and say you have the ‘look’
  • A number of fake companies target young wanna-be models on the street, take their details and a photograph and even tell you they are able to find you work.

After a few days, they contact you to tell you:

  • There is a modeling job that you are ideal for
  • You will need to have professional photographs to be taken into consideration for it

These people tell you to where they know you can have photos taken. Once you get there, you truly are where they give you the hard sell and pressure you into buying expensive modeling portfolios. Not to mention, the modeling jobs they have talked about usually don’t exist plus they do not plan on finding you work.

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