Models, Do Yourself A Favor and Network to Get Modeling Jobs

Because you are reading this article, it is likely you already know how important the Internet modeling-and-networkinghas become in all walks of life. It is becoming more important for a model to have a web presence. Most art directors and modeling agency personnel have Internet access.

For those who are seeking models finding them online offers speed, greater selection, twenty-four hour a day access, and a significant cost savings versus open calls. If you are able to gain agency representation your photos will be on their web site. Agency sites are often password restricted.

It is strongly recommended that a model have a separate web presence of their own that every one can view.

For a freelance model, setting up an independent web presence is an important option and essential in distributing photos and seeking work.

There are three options for setting up a presence on the web:

1. A free modeling listing/networking site

2. Your own web site

3. An online virtual modeling agency or model networking site

Paid listing sites:

If you are looking for a paid model listing site and you actual want to have some hope of getting work from it, consider these factors before signing up:

1. The site should be easy for someone who wants to find a model to use starting with the home page with clear directions for the model seeker (photographer, art director, and such) to follow.

The sites that have a landing page cluttered with news or how models should sign up and/or stories of not so famous models make it difficult for seekers to find what they are looking for.

2. Does the site have a good search system?

Many of the model listing sites let you search by size, gender, hair color, and ethnic background, but most fail to let you search by city. Ninety percent of the work for models outside of New York does not include travel money; only local models will be used.

Most of these sites want you to think top casting directors from around the world are going to find you so they don’t include city search. In reality these sites are useless.

3. Does the modeling site use thumbnails (small pictures) of the models and do they load quickly?

If not it’s likely that a photographer is going to wait for long downloads.

4. How easy does the site make it to contact and book the model?

The key point is that if someone does respond to the web listing, you must have a plan on how to proceed.

Remember most of these sites are open to the whole world, so you do not know for sure who or what might contact you. You need to work out a system to qualify clients and make sure they are legitimate.

What does the site do to attract potential clients?

The bulk of these modeling sites just try to get listed on search engines and hope someone finds them. A few actually have a plan for attracting clients and a very few of those actually have budgets to do so.

Have you made a web presence and started networking online? If so, what are some methods that you use?

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