5 Modeling Schools that Can Enhance Your Skills for Modeling Jobs


modeling-schoolsThe top modeling schools typically have several locations across the country, while searching for a modeling school, consider enrolling in one that’s located close to you locally in the same city, state, or where you would like to start your modeling career. The majority of modeling schools employ a curriculum that does not only demonstrate to students how you can be effective while you’re watching camera, but tips concerning the business side of modeling for example, modeling auditions, coping with modeling agents, information for parents of child models and ways in which can help you make the right connections in a very highly competitive industry. In addition, modeling schools concentrate on social practices and building self-confidence.


Here is a brief list of 5 modeling schools that can help you achieve your goal:

1.  John Casablanca’s Model and Career Centers

John Casablancas is recognized as the leader in the modeling industry. He developed the world’s first “Supermodels” and changed the modeling industry forever. Models were not well known or well paid until John came into the industry. He made modeling what it is today and made the Supermodels household names.

In states where it is required, the John Casablancas Modeling and Career Centers are licensed with the State Boards of Education, proving they are certified or licensed to operate in that state under the guidelines of the Board of Education. Currently, the John Casablancas Centers hold Board of Education licenses in 35 states.

2. Barbizon International, Inc.

At Barbizon’s free performing arts workshop, you can find out what it takes to make it in the industry and gain the self-confidence you need to turn your dream into reality.    The Barbizon experience is about discovering what makes you special, and developing your one-of-a-kind “star” quality for the whole world to see. Barbizon’s expert modeling and acting training, along with life-skills instruction, will give you the confidence and tools to shine for a lifetime.  

Barbizon has locations throughout the country .


3. Prestige Models

Located in North Beach Miami, Florida, this fashion modeling school helps create the face of the artist or model at hand. The school creates opportunities that are beneficial for both aspiring models and actors in all categories.


4. John Powers Roberts School System

John Powers Roberts founded the modern day billion dollar modeling, talent, and corporate training industry. From his many writings and published books Mr. Powers created the curriculum that is the core of the personality development, modeling and other course offered at the worldwide network of John Robert Powers Schools. This school breaks up its curriculum based on age, with programs for children ages 4 to 11, teenagers up to 18 and adults. It focuses on teaching confidence, style and social grace in addition to the basics of a modeling career.

John Power Roberts has locations throughout the country


5. Julie Nation

Julie Nation Model and Talent Management Company is located in Santa Rosa, California. It focuses on offering small classes and workshops to people of all ages. It offers modeling and acting classes, has an international model and talent search and also provides a free evaluation for toddler and baby modeling.


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