Modeling Jobs Louisiana

When you start looking for modeling jobs in Louisiana, it’s common for agencies to ask you to work for free when you are still beginning. Modeling agencies in Louisiana might request you to perform some volunteer work that will help you develop your modeling portfolio. This may seem unjust, but it’s a large service to your modeling agency to create relationships and establish new clients.

If a modeling agency likes you, they will invest in your modeling career to a certain degree…

Many modeling agencies in Louisiana are willing to invest in a model that they feel can become successful in the modeling world. Some modeling agencies in Kentucky would happily invest in a professional photographer to take care of multiple modeling job shoots of their models but they’re probably not willing to pay for your wardrobe, make-up and hair if you’re a beginner. They’ll request models to create their very own photo shoot.

Improve your look for modeling jobs based on what the agency requires…

It’s normal for modeling agencies to request that you modify your look for modeling jobs. They may request you to color your hair, work quickly, and alter your daily routines. Just remember it is always best to try to sparkle and incorporate your own individuality within any modeling job throughout your career.


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Here is a list of modeling agencies and modeling jobs in Louisiana:






[email protected]



Stage 2000 Inc.Website

8133 Royalwood Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Phone: 225.216.9195

Fax:  225.927.1644



Del Corral Model and Talent AgencyWebsite

P.O. Box 44186

Shreveport, LA 71134

Phone: 318.220.0400

Fax:  318.220.0494


Open Range Management Inc. Website

9185 Wynnewood Street

Baton Rouge, LA 70815

Phone:  225.216.2424

Fax:  225.926.9515



ABA Convention Models – Website

3100 Division Street


Phone: 504.895.2000

Fax: 504.838.9109

[email protected]


PreTina Model Management

651 Laurel Street

Baton Rouge, LA 70802-5632

Phone:  800.451.5813

Fax:  800.236.7071


QuickBook Agency Louisiana – Website

PO Box 9007

Seattle, WA 98109-0007





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