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Modeling Secrets Revealed

Modeling Secrets Revealed
Getting the right information about the modeling industry is essential to every models success. As a former model for 14 years, and successful LA agent, Natasha Duswalt teaches up and coming models the do’s and dont’s of the modeling industry with the MODELING SECRETS REVEALED system.



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"As a professional model in the LA market, Natasha Duswalt's book MODELING SECRETS REVEALED is a great source of information for anyone interested in working in the modeling industry."
- Donna Feldman, Deal or No Deal Model

Financial Success for Creative Professionals

Financial Success for Creative Professionals
The 5-Part Marketing Plan for Creative Success

Marketing Theory for Creators:
Become empowered with specific marketing theory as it applies to creative products and performances.

Build Your Marketing Structure:
You're given the tools to build a strong public position locally and on the web.

Media Marketing:
Win the support of the news media to increase exposure and earn public confidence. You'll use personal print media as free advertising in public appearances. This combination launches your work far above the chaos of other creators, building the fan base other's only dream of possessing.

Secure a Supplemental Income:
These tools empower you to achieve significant revenue from multiple sources that funnel into your single checking account.

Marketing Schedule Checklists:
Complete marekting plan initiatives while safeguarding your artistic process. You're given easy-to-follow Monthly, Weekly, and Daily checklists that assist you in attracting new consumers and grow your fan base around the world.

Propel your career to the next level!

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Money well spent! Since using your marketing plan, our bookings almost doubled and my clients don't even blink when I charge them premium prices. I'm hiring more people just to keep up with demand. Thanks and congrats on a great plan!

Chuck Spicuzza, Pittsburgh East Entertainment

Break into Modeling for Under $20

Break into Modeling for Under $20
There's a popular misconception that breaking into the modeling business requires expensive head shots and other costly investments.

Judy Goss, a former Ford model and professional with twenty years in the business, has set out to dispel that myth once and for all, and tell you how you can actually launch your career for $20 or less.

Judy breaks the process down into four simple steps: Preparation, Pictures, Promotion, and Presentation.

She gives countless suggestions and tells all sorts of industry secrets, such as how to:

* Determine what type of model you are
* Take your own pictures at home in the right poses and clothes
* Prepare what to say and do at casting calls
* Avoid costly scams
* And much more.

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Fantastic-very informative!

This book was so helpful and covers every aspect of breaking into the modeling business one could imagine. It is also very encouraging and positive. Especially good for guidance in what kind of photos to submit to agencies and how the whole system works. After reading this book, I feel I am on my way to fulfilling a dream I have had for a long time. Thank you, Judy Goss!!

Let’s Model

Let’s Model
Want to be a Model? Model Agency Director Reveals the Insider Secrets!

•The different types of portfolios and which is right for you
•Tips for tailoring your portfolio to suit the agency
•Modeling pay rates for catalogs, fashion shows, television and more
•The 3 lifestyle practices you MUST incorporate to model professionally
•Tips for exclusive contracts with top companies like L'Oreal, Pantene, Clairol, Revlon and others
•Important names to know when you're a model looking for work
•The lowdown on Talent Scouts: who's a fraud, who's legit and how to tell the difference?
•A list of commercial talent modeling agencies
•Modelling FAQ for Newbies...and a lot more!

I created your Let's Model guide to be a comprehensive introduction to the world of modeling. Not only will you learn industry basics, but we also cover important details on the following different types of modeling careers:

•Child Modeling
•Teen Modeling
•Hair Modeling
•Body Parts Modeling
•Plus-size Modeling
•Petite Modeling
•High Fashion Modeling
•Wedding Modeling
•Male Modeling

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Let's Model contains so much information and insight into the business that it can be used as a tool for anyone looking to make modeling a career or take their existing career to the next level.

It can save you one years of trial and error in the modeling businss. Reading and following the lessons in "Let's Model" can help turn your dreams into a reality - John Paul Pfeiffer, Owner Commence Quest Talent NY

Fashion Business Blueprint Membership

Fashion Business Blueprint Membership
In the Fashion Business Blueprint, you'll find ...

The crucial ingredient you'll need to be successful

How to promote your business

Information on manufacturing your garments using outworkers

Where to get more skills for your business

Points you need to know about exhibiting at trade shows

What to look for in a salesagent

What to check for when supplying stores

How to keep your staff wanting to work for you.

What to look for when having your garments manufactured by a factory

How to protect your designs from theft

Your own retail business - whether to buy or to rent

Your online fashion business

What niche to specialize in

How to manage your time so that you achieve more each day

What equipment you'll need

Motivation to achieve your fashion dream

The Business Plan - A fully detailed business plan

and, much more ...

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