Are You Considering Modeling Classes? (Part 1)

modeling-classesBefore you start taking modeling classes at your expense you might want to consider the following information. There are a number of classes that a prospective model could take that would improve the chances of gaining an agent or being a success at modeling.

Photographers have two choices when it comes to models, they can either pull someone off the street who looks right for their concept and not pay them much money, or they can hire a professional model and pay more money. Most opt to pay more for a professional because the shoot will go quicker and there is a marked improvement in the odds of success.

A professional model can save client money by shortening the time it takes for a shoot and the quality of the images will be better (better usually meaning more sales).

What does a professional model bring to a shoot that someone off the street does not?

A professional attitude, the ability to express and pose, and knowledge of make-up, hairstyling, and wardrobe. These skills are what make a model worth the fees.

You should know your body so you are aware of how it moves, what lines it forms, and how it can be coached into different positions. You should know yourself and your emotions so you can show these to the camera and feel confident in what you are showing.


One of the best ways to gain grace of movement is through dance. More agents, bookers, and casting directors recommend dance classes over any other. This is because of the multiple benefits of fitness and the awareness a dancer has of their body. If you perform dance so much the better as the experience before an audience is beneficial.

Another good way to gain or perfect grace is through Yoga. Yoga teaches body awareness. Yoga may be even be better than aerobics because rather than moving fast continuously, in Yoga you move in control, slow control. Yoga also teaches breathing, focusing on ones body position, and focusing on your surroundings – all-important to a model.

That’s a wrap for today, stay tuned for Are You Considering Modeling Classes? (Part 2).

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