Modeling Agencies and Legitimate Opportunities


No one can deny that the modeling industry has a mystery to it, especially regarding how one becomes a top model. Because of this there is a great deal of wiggle room in which the scam artists enjoy making millions from unsuspecting prospective models.

legitimate-modeling-agenciesUnfortunately there is really no easy answer to finding a legitimate agency; it requires work and diligence on your part.

Be sure to check out the agencies you find with the Better Business Bureau or other business regulator to see if they have any complaints against them. Don’t be pressured into signing anything right away. If they offer a contract or want you to sign up for a class, ask if you can take the contract with you and get back to them in a few days. Be sure to read the section in this book on scams and rip offs.

There is no rating service for modeling agencies; there are no governmental authorities; there are no licensing organizations to tell you which agency is legitimate and which arenot. Most agencies are small, independent businesses working in a very competitive marketplace. They are in constant flux with new ones starting, old ones merging, and some closing up shop. This makes it a real challenge to find just a legitimate agency, let alone a good agency.

One method that may seem strange is to call agencies after hours. You will some times find out fast if the agency is legitimate. The modeling industry is fast paced and very competitive and business doesn’t happen during normal business hours.

A good agency knows this and will provide a method for doing business after hours. This may be an emergency phone number, or by pushing a number your call is connected to live person. If they have an answering machine that tells you to call back during normal business hours, don’t, and look for another agency.

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