A Few Tips to Becoming a Foot Model


Have you ever seen ads for feet products and considered how you can get your wonderful legs in those foot-modelsads? Becoming a foot model is much like becoming any type of model. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many foot-modeling jobs available. To get into this area, you need to have something different to provide to the client.

Step 1 to become a foot model:  

Take proper good care of your feet. This is the most basic phase, because without nice feet you can’t have a good foot-modeling profession (besides appearing for the “before” pictures). Because the foot-modeling industry is highly aggressive, clients only choose the best.

Prevent sores of any kind. If you get one, pop it with a follicle clipper and apply alcohol and a Band-Aid.

Prevent getting burned and by tanning beds by using sunscreen. Prevent calluses and avoid contact with dust whenever possible by holding baby baby wipes and dressed in closed-toe shoes with footwear.

Step 2 to becoming a foot model:

Take images of your feet. Either you or a friend can get a digital camera and start capturing images of your feet. Try poses that  you see in publications. Choose a nail enhance that highlights your complexion and makes a statement. Agencies are always looking for something different and bold that will make you stand out from the rest.

Step 3 to becoming a foot model:

Find a reliable modeling organization agency. Most modeling agencies do not have a feet modeling division. Research the agencies that you discover through any site thoroughly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of agents out there that are not trustworthy so take good care in selecting.

Here are a few agencies that you can check out to get you started in your foot modeling career:

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