Do You want a Modeling Job in Fashion Modeling?

If you are a novice to the fashion industry, you will have to realize that you will find a number of different features Fashion-Modelingand traits which are needed to be capable of being a very good fashion model. It’ll quickly become evident for you that employing a great body or physical appearance aren’t the only necessities for landing a good modeling job, those are only a couple of things which are needed to become a highly effective fashion model, you will need to figure out what type of fashion modeling is most suitable for you.
Today we’re going to cover the various types of fashion modeling out there and hopefully you will be about to make a sound decision on which one you feel that you can be successful in!
  • Fashion Editorial

Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Cosmo, etc, and many other magazines that focus on fashion have editorial pages they must fill each month. Many of these editorial pages feature models wearing what the magazine thinks will be the next trend in fashion. Editorial work does not pay as well as other types of high fashion modeling jobs but it is great for building a model’s reputation and getting tear sheets for a portfolio.

Fashion magazines are not as constrained as advertising work and they can use more extreme and special beauty models (different that the high fashion requirements) in their pages.


  • Fashion Runway

Clothing designers traditionally show their new collections twice a year (Fall and Spring) to perspective (store) buyers. As an example, the New York Ready Wear shows present from seventy to one hundred and twenty designers.

Designers present these collections to a gathering of buyers by sending models down a walkway or runway. How well a model brings the clothes to life and shows important features of the garments can determine how well they sell. The designer wants to have the most ideal models show these collections. This leads to why models have to meet very strict requirements and why they get such high fees for this type of modeling job. These young models tend to be very tall, slender and move very well in clothes.


  • Fashion Catalog

There are a lot of clothing catalogs produced. These catalogs, whether business-to business, store, or direct marketing, require models to pose in the clothes they are trying to sell.

Generally, catalog models are picked for a project because they represent the ideal of the market segment for which that catalog is targeted, Often times this is the classic beauty – tall, slender, healthy, and beautiful. The marketing idea is for transference, i.e. if you buy these clothes you will look as nice as the person pictured in the catalog. Catalog fashion modeling usually pays well because of the volume of photos that must be taken.


  • Fashion Print

This is fashion and beauty for print advertising. It can be display ads or collateral print materials. This is the most demanding work to get but pays the best because of usage and exclusives. These are the ads that can make or break a designer’s reputation. With these ads it is very important that the concept, photo, and model work perfectly to convey the ‘image’ that is wanted.


  • Fashion Show Room

Modeling for buyers in the designer’s show room. Models that may not have supermodel potential can make a good and steady living working the shows where buyers come to buy, rather than the coming out shows which aren’t necessarily held to sell, but show.


  • Fashion Lingerie

Because this type of fashion modeling may be more revealing it requires very good body tone and proportions. Lingerie modeling is not pornography, not even soft porn, but there is a sensuality needed to sell lingerie.


  • Fashion Bathing Suit

Again, more revealing requires excellent body tone and a healthy look. While this type of work can be seasonal, it can also provide an excellent income.


As health and fitness has moved more into the public consciousness the demand for this model type has grown rapidly. Where once everyone exercised in baggy gray sweats, fitness attire continues to evolve and become more everyday wear. Add to this all of the fitness, health, and outdoors lifestyle magazines that are on the newsstands and you have a fast growing category for modeling.


  • Fashion Fit

Fit models have the perfect proportions for a given clothing size. Garment manufactures and designers hire fit models to use to piece together new creations, see how they move, and develop their patterns. The key for a fit model is to never gain or loose an inch.

A clothing manufacturer may hire a fit fashion model in a permanent salaried position. It is one type of legitimate modeling that you can see advertised in the classified section of the newspaper.


  • Fashion Tea Room

This type of model was very popular in the 1980’s in smaller markets. It still exists today. Usually it is at ladies’ luncheons where models wander between tables wearing designer clothes from local fashion boutiques. This type of modeling is also being presented in bars/restaurants during peak cocktail hours. The models describe the outfit they are wearing and where to buy it.

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