Dog Modeling – Help Your Pet Land Modeling Jobs


Have you got the most lovable dog on earth? We might all like to think we all do as well as in the ownersdog-modeling mind their dog is definitely the absolute best, much like parents who feel that their kids are definitely the brightest and most well-behaved. Dog modeling contests are tremendously competitive and held around the world yearly. Within dog modeling, certain dogs as well as their owners are famous much like Tyra Banks is popular supermodel.

The Proper Behavior for Dog Modeling

In order for your dog to be considered a model, your pet will have to become completely socialized and must have undeniable behavior training in every circumstance. Just think of a professional photographer selected to photograph your pet that is not able to hold simple poses or that growls at people ever couple of minutes.

Be sure to maintain Dog Grooming

If you are getting your dog into dog modeling, you will have to either get them an expert groomer which will perform a variety of styles, or learn to groom your dog on your own. A dog for instance, will have to be groomed in a specific style to attract modeling agencies. Apart from genetic makeup, grooming can be the cause of your dog’s likelihood of getting dog modeling jobs.

Your Dog’s Physical structure

This may be a point in which you may have the ability to pull off your dog having an unconventional look. Some modeling agencies and promoters might be okay with hiring your pooch if they are plump, with respect to the circumstances. In most cases modeling agencies desire a dog to possess a healthy physical appearance and become built in compliance in relation to their distinct breed.

Get your dog a modeling job

All the information on the planet will not assist you to if you do not give it a shot. Check online dog modeling agencies, or look at your local newspapers and sign your pet up. Some agencies will need you to submit digital images taken by anybody (you do not need a professionl photographer at this stage), while some might recommend that you have a professional modeling portfolio done to better your dog’s chances at getting a modeling job.


A few popular dog modeling agencies are:

  • Le Paws Agency – Le PAWS is a professional Pet Talent Agency, offers you, the public, an opportunity to see your dog working in a commercial, working on a Feature Film, doing a T.V. show or a Print Ad Campaign. Le PAWS Agency and the Dream Team were featured on Lifetime Television’s first reality TV show, “Off the Leash.”


  • Top Dog Talent Agency – Top Dog Talent Agency is a prestigious animal casting agency and affection-based training facility of domestic and exotic animal actors with an extensive talent base of over 2000 animals actors and models on call and ready to fill your film, television, special events and print production needs. Top Dog  Talent Agency is also  able to travel with the animals but also have talent resources in most US states to provide local talent too. Top Dog Talent Agency is registered with the film commissions in over 24 States.


  • Reel Dog Agency Reel Dog Agency will make it easy for you to find the right dog, look and talent for your photo, commercial, film and modeling productions.

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