The Profit Potential Types of Commercial Modeling Jobs


Commercial modeling is sort of the catch all for everything that isn’t fashion and isn’t glamour. It is vast and diverse. The physical requirements can vary greatly. The “look” can be a mom type of look, business executive, scientist, glamorous beauty, etc.

The pay can be good but not to the level of the top fashion model and commercial models tend to find work less often. It can be an area one can work part time at their whole life.


Commercial Product

A photo is created to sell a product and the model is used to show how the product is used. The model may also be used to convey an image about a product. There is a lot of work for both men and women who look like medical professionals for example to sell everything from pharmaceuticals to medical equipment.

There is also the old Madison Avenue technique of selling a product by putting someone attractive next to it. People stop to look at a pretty face, not at another vanilla computer box. The physical requirements and look for commercial product modeling can vary a great deal. It all depends on the image or story you are trying to tell. This is where character models come in.


Commercial Lifestyle

Models are used in photos showing a period of life or doing something in life. The photo might be an older couple walking on the beach and the photo is used in the advertising materials for a new retirement resort. Or a photo of a young couple playing in a park with their children and the photo is used in an ad for a life insurance company.

The models are used to act out some concept or idea of life. The physical requirements, age, size, etc. can vary greatly. But most often they use the “beautiful people” in these photos rather than real folks off the street.


Commercial Corporate

Corporate modeling is like lifestyle only it always has a business theme. Physical requirements can vary greatly; however, usually attractive people are used, although sometimes character models are used.

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