Dog Models – 4 Ways to Determine If Your Dog Has What it Takes


dog-modelsIsn’t it time for a new breed of supermodels? No, they will not have lengthy legs or soft smooth skin. They will not have the most fascinating eyes and slim figures. They’re furry, affectionate, not to mention, having wagging tails and tongues, they can even come down the runway having an attitude: they are your own personal dogs who model.

As increasing numbers of corporations and designers are heading their target audience from humans to furry pets, it’s not going to be long before we come across dog supermodels. They’ll be the next Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss; together with a little effort and hard work, in addition to designer clothing and accessories, they will shortly be all set to do walk the “dog-walk”.

Easy methods to Discover If Your Dog Has What it takes to get into Dog Modeling and Join a Dog Modeling Agency

Does your dog understand it can take to be the next top dog model? That’s doubtful, and maybe you don’t either. Even so, you have some more time to ensure that in the next canine fashion show, most likely in New York or even in Paris, you’ll both be ready to go join in the enjoyment and the glamorous life within the modeling world.

1. Does your dog have confidence? No, getting that stranger out of our home does not amount to  self-esteem. Your dog has to be capable of overcoming shyness and learn how to stroll with pride, with long or short dog’s fur, regardless of what their color might be.

2. Does your dog have a welcoming attitude? Remember that your dog will not only be meeting other animals but other people at the same time. It is rather essential that your dog is always well mannered and mannerly all the time. Remove the god or goddess mentality. The modeling world is already demanding enough that coordinators and even fashion designers don’t have time and energy to tolerate dogs with unhealthy behavior. If you feel that your dog requires polishing in this category, try and take them to a doggie day care or perhaps to the bow wow camp.

3. Is your dog fit? You should not be expecting them to have a 36-24-36 body shape, yet at the very least, you would not see the bellies drooping as a result of a lot of Scooby snacks. On top of that, if your dog is in bad shape, they are at risk of developing serious health issues, like heart attack and weight problems, that will only hinder them from becoming a dog model down the road. When they’re not fit and healthy, make sure that they get a healthy diet and they get the physical exercise he or she needs.

4. Can your canine friend strike a pose? When your dog is on stage, absolutely nothing else matters but the manner he or she struts and the way he or she makes the turns together with eye contact.  Your dog will need to have a powerful impression not just to the audience but, above all, to fashion designers and professional photographers who are in search of their very own dog models.

Last but not least, before your dog dares to take the first step on the runway, make sure that he or she is nicely groomed. You can find stylists you can hire for these very important events. Who knows, your dog may land their first dog modeling contract with Calvin Klein!

One last thing, you can check out a few dog modeling agencies here!


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