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Safety Should Be Your #1 Concern in Modeling


The field of modeling is a wide and unique one, together with completely different areas safety-in-modeling-jobssurfacing constantly. Similar to many other lines of business, there are lots of con artists in this particular industry and if you’re a female model, you need to be extra mindful in working with any modeling agency or company that has a website and guarantees instant success.

Pre-session preparations

  • Always inquire to check out some of the photographers work.
  • Uncover everything you possibly can concerning the photographer/studio ahead of time (ask for personal references from other photographers you actually trust as well as or models he/she has worked with).
  • If your photographer is reluctant to provide out simple details such as his/her full name, address, work references, etc., this is a big red flag!
  • If this is your very first time working with the photographer, you may want to ask if you could bring a friend. If the photographer asks that your friend wait in another room during the shoot, this ought to be acceptable. Many reputable photographers will not likely object on condition that your friend does not get in the way of the shoot or slow down the process.
  • Models are generally completely informed ahead of any session regarding the nature, level and use of their images. In turn, the model can be expected to complete a standard release form.
  • In the event that an overnight stay is expected, secure and safe accommodations should be guaranteed and if there will be a re-imbursement of expenses. Evidence of these plans need to be confirmed before a model begins traveling.
  • When cash payment for modeling is used, the model needs to be compensated fully on the day of modeling.
  • Any kind of arranged deposit / travel monies must be paid in advance of the model traveling.
  • A minimum session length really should be decided by each party in advance.


Session standards

  • In a studio setting, a separate and private area or room needs to be provided for model changing.
  • In a location setting, the model shouldn’t be expected to change clothing inside an area causing her / him distress or awkwardness.
  • Certainly no session should last longer than 4 hours with an hour break for food. A quick break really should be given about every 2 hours.


Primary Modeling Tips to Live By:

  • If it is too good to be true, then it most likely is.
  • Use caution with anyone who promises they are able to make you a top-model right away. Bogus modeling agencies will tell you what you want to hear: for instance “you are just what we are looking for” so you join and pay excessive or unnecessary fees.
  • Question any sort of promises you will be given modeling jobs without delay. Question the agency and be on your guard of anyone who are unable to or will not offer clear advice.
  • Highly regarded modeling agencies can confirm that the modeling industry is extremely difficult to get into and only a very little amount of people have got what it takes to achieve success. Plenty of good-looking and talented men and women find it hard to get adequate work.
  • Watch out for companies that scout you on the street and say you have the ‘look’
  • A number of fake companies target young wanna-be models on the street, take their details and a photograph and even tell you they are able to find you work.

After a few days, they contact you to tell you:

  • There is a modeling job that you are ideal for
  • You will need to have professional photographs to be taken into consideration for it

These people tell you to where they know you can have photos taken. Once you get there, you truly are where they give you the hard sell and pressure you into buying expensive modeling portfolios. Not to mention, the modeling jobs they have talked about usually don’t exist plus they do not plan on finding you work.

The Difference Between Editorial Print and Commercial Print Modeling Jobs (Part 3)


Continued from The Difference Between Editorial Print and Commercial Print Modeling Jobs (Part 2)

commercial-print-modeling-jobsCommercial print models come in magazine ads, trade magazines, newspaper fliers/inserts, pamphlets, catalogs, Internet ads, billboards, food packaging, and a lot of other product pictures.

We pointed out previously that there is diversity in the model’s visual appeal and even size. The prerequisites aren’t as demanding as the editorial fashion model relating to height, weight, and body size, even so the model hired for a commercial print job will be required to “act” as whatever character they have been hired to represent in front of the camera.

The character is typically booked based on the model that matches the role such as “college student“, “corporate executive”, middle-aged pilot”, “young nurse”, etc. This company or advertising agency have their concept of how they want their product or service displayed, therefore the model will have to look and act the part to the client and also the photographer.

The newer model is usually not going to be an experienced or skilled actor; however modeling is associated with role-playing, so acting is an individual characteristic that will enhance the model’s capacity to get into character. Actors also compete for these jobs in commercial print, so it’s not only for career models. We all want the work. Commercial print modeling doesn’t have to be a full-time career choice in comparison with the editorial fashion model’s typically busy schedule.

Overall flexibility in a model’s availability is yet a major requirement to getting modeling jobs when they are available, as well. Some bookings will be made at the “very last minute” whenever clients need to hire a model as soon as possible for whatever reason they may find. You will find normally a team of people depending on “everyone” to do their job and also show up when they’re due. Time is certainly something that is paid for and a model must not think that being even 5 to 15 minutes late is appropriate. It’s not a social situation, but instead a professional, paying job. Showing up a little bit early is well worth the experience of not irritating the staff.

Also, being on time is NOT showing up at the precise moment that your job is officially beginning. It is intended that you should know to be a little earlier to follow up with any necessary details, additional planning, or changes regarding the booking. Your mind has to be open to exactly what character you may be playing and how you might best show the product.

Outfits may not regularly be supplied by the client. You don’t need to want to find that out too late! It is part of the commercial modeling industry in which might have your own “props” for example clothing, footwear, eye-glasses, jewelry, or anything else. It’s possible you’ll even be required to put on your own personal make-up and do your own hairstyle.

It’s not actually as glamorous as the public thinks. Everything will depend on the spending budget of the client, which means you should be aware of this BEFORE you show up for your modeling job. Never fail to get as much information from your agency about any special things to consider. This in no way hurts to check-up on a prospective client prior to a go-see to understand what it is that they do in case you are not familiar with them. Anything that gives you information which can help you get the job or prepare yourself to do the job a lot better is smart.

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The Truth About Conventions and Model Searches


model-searchConventions can be the safest, most time effective, cost effective, educational, inspirational, and family oriented way to see meet many reputable agents, managers and casting directors from all over the world in one place at one time.

However, many types of modeling conventions exist and not all are reputable or honest.

Check out their history, reputation, success stories, and the quantity and quality of the agencies attending. Study their web sites. Find out what the agencies and participants think about the event.

Don’t confuse the cost of a convention with its quality. Some times they put a high price tag on it because the unsuspecting prospective model may think that because it is so expensive that it is good.

Pick the convention that offers what you really need, either information, training, or actual contacts with legitimate agents and representatives.

Assess the costs to you. If you have to spend a lot of money in travel to attend, it may not really be worth it to you. If it’s close or even local, then it may be a good idea.

You should assess what you can gain from attending a convention versus what you can gain by doing your own research and approaching agencies on your own. The most significant benefit to any convention is the ability of prospective models to reach a large number of agents in one place, at one time, and when they are definitely in the “new talent” mode.

In the 1980’s traveling model searches began sweeping the United States and other countries. These companies were largely out of New York and traveled around the country selling mini-conventions directly to the public. These events did not include any training.

Many are now out-of-business, such as Model Search America, NYC Fame, Manhattan Model Search, and New York Model Contracts. Certainly, new events may emerge.

They are categorized by “big talk,” “hard sales,” and heartless tactics. Worst of all, they leave many hopeful models feeling worse about themselves, rather than educated and uplifted. Many searches disparage local modeling schools or agencies and every other type of event or representation, except their own.

Can this type of event help you?

Again, check them out as outlined above (history, reputation, success stories, testimonials, and the Better Business Bureau. etc.). Follow your “gut feeling,” and remember that this is only an introduction to the industry.

Some “agencies” will travel selling pictures and composite cards. They will then offer to represent you as an agent. No reputable agency does this. It is a scam. You are paying an inflated price for photos and will soon learn that this agency on your comp cards is not a real agency at all. Don’t waste your money and your trust

Smaller Market Models for On Demand Modeling Jobs


promotional-modelsSmaller Market models play an active role in driving the customer interest in the particular brand, strategy and business by exclusively connecting with the audience. The arrival of promotional smaller models in the marketing sector has certainly outsmarted the standard industry strategies of advertising and has now made it easier to reach to more consumers with less financial investment.

Product Demonstration Modeling

In smaller markets this is a great way to start new models. Models stand in front of, or in a store or mall, and hand out free samples of something. The idea is they want someone attractive that people will be drawn to and will work for just a few hours or a few days. If you are young and starting out this pays better than any regular job and it can really build your confidence around people.

Trade Show Modeling

Attractive people attract attention, which is highly desired on a trade show floor. Some exhibitors hire models to hand out literature at their booths, or perform other social tasks, such as greeting, or serving appetizers. It can provide some income and gets the model in front of the public.

Sports/Fitness Modeling

This is a growing area in modeling jobs. With major international sports attire companies, i.e. Nike, Reebok, etc., and an increase in publications in this field the need for models that look like they actually know what they are doing has grown. The idea is to look good and actually be proficient at the activity being photographed. This is one category that can provide a long-term career with ample opportunities for high paying jobs.

Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling is modeling for photos with a sexual theme. Some are now calling this body modeling (like you have a hot body). These could be simple cheesecake or beefcake photos. They can include bikini, sexy outfits, and lingerie modeling. On the cheesecake level, photos can be used for calendars, posters, and other pin-up girl products.

You can’t pick up a car magazine without seeing a babe by the car or truck. There are no height or size requirements as in fashion modeling.

Where fashion modeling wants you to look like a beanstalk, glamour modeling wants you to have curves like Pamela Anderson. Where fashion may want a special beauty look, glamour modeling wants traditional drop dead gorgeous; where fashion really only happens in the fashion capitals of the world, glamour happen anywhere.

Alternative Modeling

There is a small market for what is called either gothic or punk modeling. It is a very specialized niche.

Just a Body

This is where a photographer just needs someone in the shot. Most often this type of modeling occurs in outdoor tourist photography, i.e. a couple looking at the lake, a man walking a trail etc. There are no requirements at all, except maybe for the willingness of the model.


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3 Brutally Honest Ways to Start Your Modeling Career


There is not one way to start a successful modeling career. Unlike most professions that has a set course of instructional starting-your-modeling-careerlearning, experience, and testing to follow, modeling doesn’t offer a clear path to success.

The Three Most Popular Ways to Get Started in Modeling are:

  1. Being Discovered
  2. Working with and through a Modeling Agency
  3. Putting together Your Own Marketing Plan and Find Modeling Jobs for Yourself


There is a school of thought that says that if a prospective model goes to a major international modeling schools (New York, Paris, London, Milan, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Tokyo, Toronto, Germany, Los Angeles, and Brazil etc.) and if after a month of just being there are not approached or scouted by an agency, then you don’t have what it takes.

There are literally thousands of successful models that were stopped on the street or approached in a restaurant, or walking down the street etc., by model talent scouts (the legitimate variety). It happens often and regularly. One shouldn’t depend on it however.

With the second and third approach you need to have the right materials to get work. The basics are snap shots, a composite card (sometimes called a Zed card), portfolio or book, maybe even a presence on the web and most important (usually) how you look.

You can start with simple snap shots, as long as they are shot correctly. (See How To Find an Agency in Your State).

The composite card is a single sheet of paper that has a head shot printed on one side and more photos and your vital statistics on the back.

This is your basic marketing tool. You give it to photographers, art directors, casting agents and others. This gives them something they can put in their files and refer to when looking for talent. It is your sales brochure and business card all in one and it is hard to get far without it.

After someone shows interest in you, they are going to want to see more photos of you. This is where your “portfolio or “book” becomes your sales tool. Your portfolio contains an assortment of photos and tear sheets showing what you have done and your “look”.

They all, of course, must be of excellent quality. When you’re starting out its likely you won’t have any tear sheets (pages from magazines or newspapers with your photos) as you haven’t worked yet. As you do get work, add tear sheets to show you have done actual jobs.

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