Would You Like to Become a Hand Model?

  • Have you considered becoming a hand model?hand-models
  • Do you have long, slender fingers with manicured cuticles and nice fingernails?
  • Are your fingers free of blemishes?

If so, there’s a good chance that you could become a hand model.

There are a few things that you need to do in your preparation to becoming a hand model:

Do not pay for expensive professional photos just yet. Ask a friend or family member to take pictures of your hands while you are in a relaxed environment. To get concepts for your pictures, look online at hand modeling images and try to replicate what those models are doing. Don’t worry about the lighting, background, etc.

Once you have acquired a few photos that you like in a range of hand positions, check out reputable modeling agencies in your state. You can look here on Modeling Jobs HQ to locate these specific agencies. Even if the agency does not have a body parts modeling department within their agency, they may still be inclined to represent a hand model if they feel that it’s possible to book hand modeling jobs for you. This situation might even be to your benefit if you become the agency’s “exceptional” hand model so be sure to contact agencies in your area.

If an agency wants to represent you, at this time it is proper for the model to purchase professional snap shots and sign a contract. Having said that, it is highly important that your agency is trustworthy because some agencies might have you pay for professional pictures in order to make money off you by selling them.

If you feel comfortable promoting yourself as a hand model, you might be able to get around signing with an agency altogether. Currently, there is a rising craze for hand models to create their own professional websites with pictures of their hands for potential clients. Hand models may market themselves as well by adding their information and pictures to popular model search internet sites, so that they can be contacted by prospective employers.

The advantage to marketing yourself as a model on the internet is that the hand model does not have to wait for jobs to come through their specific agency. They are exposed to many types of modeling jobs over a wider area of clients.

However, if you don’t have any experience in hand modeling, it is recommended that you first seek out an agency to see if they truly do have possibilities for hand modeling jobs, even if you decide to represent yourself online. This is because agencies have a more polished view of what makes up employable hands in the existing industry, and agents may have a more essential or encouraging view of your potential.

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