6 Snap Shot Ideas for Your Modeling Portfolio


modeling-portfolios-shotsIf you have the money you can create a comp card with different looks to show, however, all you will really tell the agency by doing this is that you had enough money to hire a photographer.

You are better off to go armed with a few nice snap shots taken with the idea of showing the real you. They should be on film, not digital if at all possible.

Here are some simple rules that you should use and have whoever takes the snap shots use:

1. Wear simple clothing. Show off your form. Women should have pictures in shorts or form-fitting jeans and a tank top. Men should wear shorts or jeans and no shirt.

2. No makeup and plain hair. Your face should be clean and without any makeup at all. You hair should be plain and not styled. Make sure your hair doesn’t cover any part of your face.

3. Take pictures outside. Stand outside in open shade for the best results. Make sure no flash is used as in daylight it tends to flatten facial features that you want to look their best.

4. Pose. Any agency will want to see a close headshot and one full or 3/4 shot. Shoot the pictures in the vertical format (turn the camera on its side).

5. Lens and distance. The ideal is use a zoom lens in the 70mm to 105mm range. The cameraperson should move to frame the shot correctly.

6. Name and information. When you get the pictures back print your name and contact information on every picture you select.

New York City, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Miami, Toronto, Los Angeles, Brazil, Madrid, Barcelona, Sydney, Hong Kong, Germany, and Japan are the international capitals for models. These cities are the heart of the fashion and advertising business.

The agencies in these cities compete to fill that demand with the finest talent. A lot depends on the market in which an agency operates and the owner(s) and agency personnel. Because most wannabe models know little about how the modeling industry works, they are easy prey for vultures and their scams or rip offs.

A modeling agency’s number one purpose is to find models work, as their representative or agent. As an agent they seek and negotiate contracts of employment for the model or talent who is an independent business. For finding the model work, they take a percent of what the model makes (10% to 33%).

While appearing fairly simple and straightforward it is amazing how situations vary from agency to agency and city to city. A good large modeling agency will help manage your career and find you work.

In large cities this can be split into two parts, managers and bookers. When an agency sees someone who has potential or someone who satisfies the demand, they will invest in that individual to get him/her ready for the market. They don’t do this to be nice. They do it because they feel they can make money.

They know the market and they will invest in a model (usually a loan against future earnings) to prepare you for that market. The manager will help you develop your “look”, your modeling skills, and develop your natural talents. They will help in preparing your marketing materials for the market in which they think you will be most successful.

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