5 Modeling Travel Tips for a Safe Modeling Job Experience


Among the list of advantages of landing modeling jobs is definitely the opportunity to travel across modeling-traveling-tips-work-visathe globe. Modeling in a different country is an excellent chance not only to experience a brand new culture plus connect with new and interesting people, but the chance for accomplishing international attention.

You’ll want to make the proper arrangements for your preparation in traveling for your modeling jobs.

Travel arrangements will probably change from agency to agency; therefore you’ll want to find out what you’re going to be responsible for in preparing for your traveling.

  • Know that any money your modeling agency spends on flights, hotel, visa applications, or anything else is going to be deducted from your earnings.
  • In case you are traveling as a freelance model, you are going to typically need a pre-arranged employer or sponsor in the nation you are traveling to.

Never travel abroad at the hope of work from someone before checking out, and double verifying their credentials and do not send money to anybody possible work on the case for which you pay up-front ‘visa fees’. For you to land modeling jobs overseas, you are going to ordinarily be required to get a working visa. Be sure to allow for ample time to apply ahead of traveling.

If you happen to have a European Union passport, you can be living and working in any country within the European Union; even so, if your passport is from another country, you must apply for a work visa to work in the United Kingdom in addition to Europe. The United States issues visas particularly for fashion models who would like to work in the country. However, these are generally exclusively provided to popular models, requesting 12-20 prime quality tearsheets to be proven on an application.

The United States provides a few individuals from the United Kingdom a Visa Waiver Program, intended for quick business trips, which makes the process less complicated.  Have as much information as you possibly can as, for example the address of exactly where you will be lodging plus the information on who you will be doing work for as Immigration Control will certainly ask for these details when you arrive.

Model travel suggestions:

1. Make sure that your passport is always current. The majority of countries will not likely permit you entrance if your passport is within Six months’ time of your expiration date.

2. Remain hydrated and get plenty of rest on the airplane to arrive feeling and looking great.

3. Have the contact information of the agency in the country you will be traveling to in the event that there are any complications

4. Have a detailed street map of the city you will be doing work in plus familiarize yourself with transportation links within the area. You’ll have to find your way from casting to casting or to shows and so plan the way you will make it happen ahead of time.

5. Keep some sort of ID on you, yet leave your passport in a secure spot.


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