5 Characteristics of a Successful Model


Like any other endeavor in life there are characteristics of each human being that either allow successful-model-modeling jobsthem to pursue a modeling career or not. So what then, are the common characteristics of a successful model?

1: Appearance

Both appearance and talent have one thing in common; they are largely God-given. God, your parents, and genetics gave you a striking face or a handsome figure. Of course, your gift should be honed and practiced. Great athletes have a gift, too. But none of these gifts are valuable without the hard work to perfect them. The more skills you can “bring to the table,” the better.

2: Personality

Having a warm and outgoing personality can make or break a career. If you are beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside, you will not succeed. Beautiful models are in abundance in major markets. What separates those who work from those who do not? A special “sparkle” and a warm personality will get you noticed and booked. In addition, if you are fun, non-complaining, and easy to work with on a job (including mom), your chances of getting re-booked are high.

3: Intelligence

If you are a great student, that achievement usually means that you do your homework, go to class regularly, have discipline, and get along with your teachers. To an agent, they want to know, if you are booked on a modeling job that you will be dependable, show up on time, be prepared, and get along with your employers. Good students make good models. If you are an under-achiever, work harder. The myth of the “empty headed model” is a myth indeed.

4: Family Support

How much does your family want you to become a model? Do they care enough to understand the business with you? If you are a teen, will a parent or guardian travel with you to out-of-town interviews and jobs? This commitment is strongly recommended.

5: Desire

How much do you want to be a model? How strong is your desire and determination? Desire is the only attribute of success that you cannot do without. Desire, alone, is the largest determinant of your ultimate success. Lauren Hutton had a space between her teeth; Cindy Crawford had a mole on her face. If they had not had the desire and determination to keep trying, they would not have succeeded.

What’s characteristics have helped you become successful in your modeling career?

Drop us a line and share your thoughts!

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